A monthly box of German candies!

Shipping from Germany, even to the United States.

The awesome candy guys jumping in the Candy German box.
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How it works

You choose your plan

1-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscription plans, as well as a 3-month gift plan, are available.

Customer ordering german candy.
We pack your box

We handpick an assortment of high quality German candies and pack them up with care.

The Candy German handpicks high quality candy.
You get candy!

On the 15th of every month, we ship our subscriptions with love from Germany. Usually, subscribers are enjoying their German candies by the end of the month!

Postman with the german candy box.

What's in the box?

Every box from Candy German you receive will be filled with quality candies picked by hand and made in Germany.

Each box is a surprise. You could find anything from chocolate and wine gums to cookies and marzipan - even the legendary Kinder Egg!

Why choose us?

  • Authentically German
  • Every box is different
  • Plenty of candy, 6-8 items!
  • Totally unique
  • Duty Free

Recent Box

Although you won’t know exactly what will come in each box, you can get an idea of what you might get by checking out the image below. Don’t worry, we pack each surprise box generously with delicious, premium German candy - no skimping! Follow us on Facebook , Twitter , and Pinterest to see previous box combinations and more sample candies.

German Candy for shipping

What People Are Saying

"Candy German sent me the best cookies I ever ate! Miammy - cookies, cookies, cookies!"
Testimonial cookie monster
Resident, Sesame Street
"The Candy German box is like a box of action. There was even a 'Kinder Überraschungsei'! I quickly built together the inside pieces. Can't believe it was the Terminator!"
Austrian actor (Terminator)
"There’s nothing we enjoy more than eating Candy German while we’re sitting in our van monitoring you all."
Testimonial nsa

We know that not everyone wants to read fake testimonials. See what people are saying about our boxes in reality here.